Your partner of choice

Ottawa Construction Demolition specializes in various types of demolition projects, all types of decontamination, extraction and management of construction materials, such as the management and recycling of construction materials for institutional, commercial and residential buildings.

We are a Gatineau-Ottawa company.  Our operations are generally based in the National Capital Region, but we manage and complete demolition-decontamination projects in the Abitibi region, Montreal and Toronto.

Your strike force

We are a licensed general contractor. We have all the necessary heavy equipment and are skilled in the latest demolition technologies and techniques. Our construction sites and projects are managed with the utmost respect for deadlines, budget and the environment (decontamination/Abatement), in a work context that complies with the strictest occupational health and safety standards, both in Quebec and Ontario, as well as the National Building Code of Canada/Quebec Construction Code.

Our projects can range from 1 to 30 storeys, from 500 to 50,000 square feet, and can include the safe management of more sensitive materials, such as asbestos, contaminated concrete, contaminated soils, and also demolition in confined spaces in high-density residential areas.


Our mission is to be your partner of choice and your strike force in one of the most crucial stages of your construction project, i.e. demolition-decontamination and excavation, which is the preparatory stage leading to the completion of your real estate project.

This is why we will not compromise when it comes to serving you properly, listening to your needs, taking the time to make fair, appropriate and relevant quotes that reflect your needs.
In fact, our customers’ satisfaction is a testament to the fact that we do our job well, and every project we undertake allows us to better position our company in the construction industry in Quebec, Ontario and across Canada.


For us, it’s essential for all our demolitions to be done in accordance with the agreements and the commitment we have with you. In that regard, we are committed to always offering you efficient, safe and reliable service, since the quality and transparency of our relationship is the linchpin that will allow us to work together in harmony for many years to come. While it’s true that we want to make demolition-decontamination sustainable, our relationship with you must be just as sustainable.


The environment and sustainable demolition are extremely important to our company. Ultimately, the purpose of demolition-decontamination is to ensure the integrity of the land on which your future building will be built.

With this in mind, we carry out all our demolition-decontamination work in accordance with industry practices, so as to restore the land and premises we are responsible for to the best possible condition.

This is why being responsible for the demolition and decontamination of a site, or the management of materials (waste, recyclable and non-recyclable waste) is a major responsibility.

We are therefore very proud to be able to say that we are your partner of choice and that as a result we use all the tools and strategies for reintegrating the natural state of the sites we are responsible for in our demolition-decontamination work.

Health and safety

The health and safety concepts, as stipulated in the Regulation respecting occupational health and safety and the National Building Code, are extremely important and essential elements in demolition and decontamination.

As we are a specialized company, our employees are exposed daily to various sources of risk and hazardous materials that could endanger their health and safety. And, under no circumstances do we want to put our employees at risk or any other company’s employee(s) who may be on site when we carry out the demolition and decontamination of a construction site.

Therefore, strict application of the law is an uncompromising element for our company. For a long time now, we have been ensuring that we always implement the safety measures prescribed by law with respect to the tools, safety equipment, machinery and materials used, in order to create the parameters to avoid, as much as possible, injuries or any hazardous event that could jeopardize the health and safety of all workers we are responsible for.  But also the progress of your job site.