Labour for hire

Despite all the planning you can do, there are always contingencies that can put you in a slightly more difficult situation, in terms of having the necessary personnel to do the work you are hired to do or you wish to bid on.

The best of both worlds

Ottawa Construction Demolition offers you a labour-for-hire service, whether it is daily, weekly, monthly or even by contract. They are workers, apprentices or journeypersons who have their CCQ, CNSST qualifications, occupational health and safety training with respect to Quebec construction sites, working at heights, asbestos management and other qualifications in force in Ontario and elsewhere in Canada.

You don’t need to hire permanently, or go through resumes, interviews, and all the paperwork that makes hiring, especially for temporary workers, cumbersome. Feel free to contact us for our list of available workers, by trade, qualification, years of experience, licences and other qualifications.

We will be happy to arrange everything quickly, so that you can have peace of mind and a complete team that is ready to act and do the contracts you have committed to.