Soil decontamination services

Ottawa Construction Demolition stands as your reliable partner for demolition and decontamination projects, catering to commercial, institutional, and residential spaces. Our unparalleled expertise in the field, particularly focusing on soil decontamination, sets us apart.

Ex-situ (Off-Site) Decontamination: A Methodical Approach

The ex-situ method, involving the excavation of contaminated soil, is a meticulous approach that we execute with precision:

Emergency Responsiveness: Ex-situ decontamination ensures a swift response in case of spills, accidental leaks, or any urgent incidents requiring immediate intervention.

Adaptability to Dismantling: When dismantling petroleum equipment, buildings, or other structures, ex-situ decontamination often proves to be the preferable method.

Time Management: The ex-situ method is advantageous when time is crucial, facilitating prompt planning and execution.

Soil Conditions or Contaminant Nature: When soil conditions or the nature of contaminants do not allow for in-situ treatment, ex-situ decontamination provides an effective solution.

Precise Analysis: Ex-situ decontamination involves excavation followed by rigorous soil analysis, ensuring disposal in compliance with environmental standards.

Environmental Control: Opting for ex-situ decontamination allows for tight control over the management of contaminated soils, from excavation to disposal at a certified treatment site.

Risk Reduction: Ex-situ decontamination minimizes the risk of contamination spreading, providing a safer solution in certain contexts.

Flexibility of Site Use: Following ex-situ decontamination, the remaining soil on-site undergoes analysis to ensure it meets the required environmental quality for future site use.

The ex-situ decontamination process starts with the excavation of the contaminated area. A temporary pile is created to separate the “clean” soil from the contaminated soil, with the latter then transported to a certified treatment site. The soil left on-site undergoes analysis to ensure it meets environmental quality standards suitable for the intended use of the site.

Services offered in soil decontamination:

  • Excavation
  • Transportation
  • Analysis