Emergency service


In an ideal world, everything is planned, and every step of a project is respected. But, in reality, the construction of buildings and real estate projects involve many unforeseen events. This is why we place particular emphasis on developing the creativity and adaptability of our demolition-decontamination team. Our emergency decontamination service is a prime example of this.

In order to meet your immediate or unforeseen needs, we have put in place a rapid response protocol to support you at times when the completion of your projects may be jeopardized due to lack of time or unforeseen events.

As your partner of choice, we understand that you may require emergency demolition services. And, we are ready.

Let us know your requirements. We will do our utmost to provide you with a quote as quickly as possible, and if necessary, to the best of our abilities, to come and support you in a more complex mandate that involves a more rapid response.

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