Project management

We are well aware that today’s reality means that a construction company or a real estate developer may have several projects at the same time. This can make for a rather complex challenge. That’s why we are always ready to assume management of your project, if necessary.

We are a professional team. Our main contractors and site managers are extremely experienced and have excellent skills in the application of construction standards, building codes, the implementation of occupational health and safety measures, environmental regulations and human resources management.

Reading of plans and versatility

We are a general contractor. We have extensive experience in construction, as well as in residential, institutional and commercial post-disaster response and renovation. We believe this to be an added value when it comes to being your partner of choice in all your demolition-decontamination projects.

This is in addition to our ease in reading all the plans and specifications, shop drawings, dealing with engineers and other professionals, whether in the context of a private or public contract or a public-private partnership.

Contact us for all your renovation, construction or post-disaster projects that you would like us to manage. We will determine together, based on your objectives, the parameters within which we must work, the tools at our disposal, the time frames and the related budget. Together, we will be able to put in place a strategy that will give you peace of mind, knowing full well that your project can be managed efficiently, reliably and safely, as agreed to in the contract we have entered into.